Elderly Hair

menopause affect hair

Healthy and strong hair after menopause

When you are growing old, it is very common to lose hair, not in men or women it is a common thing in both. The reason for this is when you get old your body experiences the hormone imbalances. But in women, the hair loss is higher after menopause than […]

hair growth

Common rules how to stop hair loss for older men and women

As age increases the stress level and the depression level increase in the people and this makes them more prone to diseases. Generally, when the stress level gets increases it results in the hair losses, in this case, the elders are highly prone to hair losses. Most of the people […]

How to return shining for hair after 50s

After 50 when you look you inside the mirror it makes you look dull and that is because your hair looks dull. Due to this most of the elder will lose their confidence and fix that they are getting old that makes them too dull that also reflects in their […]

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Basic rules about caring for fine hair after 60

With the change in the age of a person, the body also experiences so many visible changes and hair has no exception. The first thing that reminds you that you are getting old is your hair; the colour of the hair starts to change from black to grey. Not only […]