menopause affect hair

Healthy and strong hair after menopause

When you are growing old, it is very common to lose hair, not in men or women it is a common thing in both. The reason for this is when you get old your body experiences the hormone imbalances. But in women, the hair loss is higher after menopause than men. In this case, the women get tensed on seeing this hair loses but you can also handle these hair losses with the expert guidance. Most people still don’t know how menopause can affect their hair growth, but as a woman, it should get to know by them. So that only you can find the remedy to control, your hair loses.

Can menopause affect hair?

On comparing with men, women have good hair growth because of the presence of oestrogen hormone. This is the only hormone that can highly support the hair growth in women but after menopause, the concentration of this hormone reduced. Having healthy and strong hair after menopause is not that simple thing to make them possible firstly, you have to know how they can affect.

Due to age already your hair starts to fall in this case after menopause it completely loses their capacity to stand firm. At the same time, it becomes thinner and this makes them break that easily. You can find the formation of new hair follicles but that will be more fragile than the before ones.

When the oestrogen level gets decreases after menopause the ratio of the testosterone gets increases, this shows the negative effects on your hair follicles. This is the main reason why your hair gets breaks that easily.

Final words

To handle your hair losses you should know how menopause after your hair would be so that you can handle them effectively and find the solution to boost up your hair growth.