Flying & Falling

The Project

Falling & Flying started out as a project exploring the relationship between circus and falling in older people. Whilst initially we were not fully certain how exactly the project would develop, Falling & Falling has found its feet and taken off to greater heights.  (Think space travel!)

Meet Me members are working in partnership with Entelechy Arts and led by Vicki Amedume of Upswing, who is an aerial choreographer. Together with Vicki, film maker Edwin Mingard, poet Simon Mole and technologist Malcolm Buchanan-Dick we are exploring technology, multiple experiences of ageing and our physical environment.  The first stage of which has been generously funded by the Gulbenkian Foundation.

Right from the first session it was clear that doing circus skills workshops with a group elders was going to continually throw up new questions and be a catalyst for interesting discussions between the participants. Conversations centered around personal limitations and outside perceptions of the perceived risks of undertaking a project so unconventional when thinking about the older generation.  It would challenge notions of ageing and identity both within and without the group.

The Future

The project has been steadily developing towards a large scale touring theatre event planned for late 2017. The next stage is culminating with an exciting film being made by Channel 4 through Big Dance as part of a series of Big Dance Shorts showcasing ‘exciting choreographic and directorial collaborations on screen’.

Useful links

To find out more about how this project first took off, and about Vicki’s research at The Clinical Ageing Research Unit at Newcastle University, click here.

Here you can read a beautifully articulate blog written by Edwin on the work done so far and the direction the project is taking.