The Albany gets BOLD

BOLD logo (colour)Albany


By now you can’t fail to notice that the BOLD Festival has officially landed. The Albany café is decked out in knitted garlands and bunting, while the travelling installation Bed is being wheeled up and down the streets of Deptford, causing more than a few second glances.

Next week, Home Sweet Home (23 – 27 September) will start its run in the main space of the Albany, followed shortly after by A Cure for Ageing (25 – 27 September), amongst lots of other events and exhibitions happening all around the building.

The Evening Standard wasn’t wrong when they said that ‘in a society that reveres youth, it’s boom time for older performers’.

Home Sweet Home utilises a mixture of both professional and amateur performers to bring to life the stories of over 200 older people. As the News Shopper says, BOLD Festival ‘will give a voice to older people, exploding stories and exploding stereotypes of the 10 million people aged over 65 in the UK.’

The Guardian spoke to some of the participants and were delighted with the ‘funny, touching, chilling and heart-warming show’. You can read the full article here. Martyn Lewis from the show Agenda on the Wireless Radio Station also spoke to one of the community performers about the project, alongside the creative producer of Freedom Studios, Debra Dickinson. You can listen to the interview here.

‘It’s the senior ensemble that leaves an indelible impression.’ ★★★★ The Guardian review of Home Sweet Home

 BOLD Festival runs at the Albany until Saturday 27 September. Visit the website for more details and to book tickets.


Maxine Smiles, Junior Communications Assistant at the Albany